Mina the Vanquisher Sniper #3

Mina gained another 8 levels and many unique and set items. However, the monsters became stronger. Mina fell three times to unexpected damage spikes due to her low Defense value. It’s always annoying to die, but I expect this with a low Defense character. Mina kills monsters a lot faster than Tharcyn did, so it ends up being about the same time to get through the dungeons.

Character Sheet


10 Ricochet
10 Ranged Weapon Expertise
10 Armor Expertise
9 Frost Pilum
9 Explosive Shot


Midas Ring

Another piece in this set. In the stash, I have the amulet so 1 more ring should complete the set.

Bone Sabotons

A good set of Alchemist boots.

Cronium's Foundation

Mina's new belt sports good bonuses to critical hits as well as some defensive bonuses.

Vulture Mantle

I decided to use these for Mina, but they aren't ideal. Too defensive for Mina's build, but she needs a little bit more armor and the pet bonuses aren't bad. I think I got an "Epic" version of these with Tharcyn, but I don't remember.

Tsar Cannon

This awesome gun is Mina's new weapon. The DPS is huge along with good knockback to keep monsters away. The reduced missile range and slowest attack speed I could do without though.

Bone Chest

Even though Mina can equip this armor, there's just no bonuses on it the build could take advantage of. No matter what, every armor Mina uses has to have some sort of offensive bonus.

Anachronistic Device

Now, I know I already got this item with Tharcyn, but two of these babies can be dual-wielded for an incredible +30% elemental damage bonus.

Occulon's Vision

This seems like an okay Alchemist staff with a couple good offensive bonuses.


Now a bad bow, but way too weak compared to the Tsar Cannon above.

Leonardo's Conundrum

The number of stats on this items is impressive, but I couldn't see what it would be used for. Wands are mainly used by Alchemists, but this one focuses on melee damage. I haven't looked much at Alchemist skills, but I don't remember them having any melee ones.

Tanwanteng's Bad Influence

This item ended up being a pretty good replacement for Mina's current amulet. Besides the two offensive bonuses, it also comes with some increased magic find. Hopefully, this keeps Mina getting awesome drops.

Epic Talon Mantle

This armor is very similar to the other one Mina got, but I liked the other one better for her. It at least had the pet boosting stats whereas this one seems to be completely defensive. I feel like Tharcyn already got this item, but I'm not sure.

Epic Talon Sash

We seem to be getting into the "Epic" version of items now. This is another melee oriented item like the Talon Mantle.


When I came up with the Vanquisher Sniper build, I originally planned on fame skill points going to passive skills only. In the last week, though, I noticed that both Frost Pilum and Explosive Shot could have more skill points for Mina’s level. Both of these skills are important for the build. I decided to put fame skill points in some of these active skills for the time being.

I was able to finish up Ricochet and get both Frost Pilum and Explosive Shot to 9/10. In the next update, those last two will definitely be finished. Then, I will switch Mina over to filling out passive skills to get caught up. The passive skills are generally weaker than active skills, but several passives add up in the long run.

I mentioned how Mina was killed by monsters during these levels. One of the deaths came from melee attackers. I ran into a group of monsters to use Explosive Shot and Mina was killed when about 5 monsters all did high damage. The other two deaths came from spellcasters.

I think spellcasters are going to be the primary killers of Mina, because a lot of them seem to have homing spells. It’s hard to attack while moving around enough that the homing spells don’t hit. Despite all this, the bosses weren’t very hard. They had a lot of health, but their attacks were easy to dodge. Mina ended the week by killing Medea. With Explosive Shot, her minions went down fast. Then it was just a matter of Ricocheting her to death.

I’m still dedicated to the 4:1 Dexterity to Defense build, though. I don’t care how easily Mina dies as long as she can kill things quickly. With Tharcyn I went between 3:2, 2.5:2.5 and 2:3 distributions to keep his damage reduction high, but I’d like to stick it out with Mina. As long as I resurrect in town, Mina doesn’t lose any experience or gold from dying. The only thing lost is my time in having to run back to where I was fighting before. That’s an okay tradeoff to me though. I think Mina is killing things much faster than Tharcyn. It should make up the difference.

Mina again found a bunch of uniques and set items. A few of them might be duplicates of items Tharcyn got. I find it hard to remember all the items that dropped for him. I created a bunch of mule characters to store certain item types, but it’s really annoying to go through all of them to see if I already have an item. Despite being a fairly simple game, Torchlight has surprisingly long loading times when switching characters. Switching through 20+ characters to check if I already have all the items that dropped can easily take over an hour. I will only do this when the shared stash gets filled up, which it is pretty close to right now.

That will have to wait for next week though. In the next update Mina should be finished with the main dungeon and through a few levels of the Shadow Vault. I don’t enjoy the Shadow Vault all that much, but it’s the only way to get to level 100. That’s going to be my main goal with all characters I create. If the character can’t make it to level 100, then the build is not “viable” which I will note on the Builds page.


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