Torchlight 2 E3 Roundup

I thought I’d do a little roundup of the new things we have learned about Torchlight 2 from E3:

  • New Berserker class – This is a melee class that specializes in dual-wielding claws or fist weapons. The Berserker joins the two other previously announced classes: the Railman and Outlander. I’ve always liked dual-wielding. I’m excited to see what they do with this class.
  • Monsters respawn in online games – Similar to an MMO when you play Torchlight 2 online, the monsters will respawn over time. That means you don’t have to keep making new games just to continue farming monsters and getting loot. You can just keep going to places you’ve previously been to kill fresh monsters. This is a great change for multiplayer. I don’t even know if Diablo 3 has something like this. It may be unique to Torchlight 2.
  • Length – Max Shafer says Torchlight 2 will have three full acts versus Torchlight 1’s single act. On top of that there will be some sort of psuedo-final act consisting of one final dungeon. My guess is this dungeon will have the final boss, but also function like the Shadow Vault with endless levels below the boss’s level. Also, you will get to about level 50 before killing the final boss. This is a lot better than only getting to level 30ish in Torchlight 1.
  • LAN support – Largely a given in games of the past, but many newer games are ditching LAN play for online-only play. It’s nice to see a game support LAN these days, although I know it’s easier for an indie developer to get away with.
  • Cinematics – Runic Games has hired a company to do professional cinematics for the game. Hopefully, this will add a little bit more lore to the world. It was hard to care about the world of Torchlight when you didn’t really know much about it.
  • Release date pushed back – In one of the interviews Max Shaefer was quoted as saying the release of Torchlight 2 would be later this year. Considering the release had already been pushed back to July, we can only guess this means the game has been pushed back further. Hopefully, it will at least come out before Diablo 3.

For more details, check out the links below. There’s probably a lot more out there, but these cover all the new information.

  • PC gamer has a number of quotes from Max Shaefer on a few interesting topics they asked him about.
  • Joystiq has a preview with the current status of the game and a few of the things revealed at this years E3. They also have a screenshot gallery from the game.
  • Gamespot also added some screenshots to their Torchlight 2 gallery. Some of the pictures seem different than Joystiq’s though.
  • IGN posted a trailer from Runic Games about the armor sets in the game. Multiple gaming websites have posted this trailer, although IGN’s is a little easier to access being on Youtube. Also, they’ve made a Torchlight 2 preview.
  • Gamefront has a preview with a little bit more about the game world.
  • G4TV has posted a short video interview with Max Shaefer. Ignore the annoying interviewer, the video has some interesting stuff.
  • Machinima has posted their own video interview on Youtube, again interviewing Max Shaefer.
  • Gaming Bits posted a short hands-on of Torchlight 2.
  • Another hands-on by Game Informer.
  • Also don’t forget about the Runic Games Fansite, the primary fansite for all Torchlight-related discussion and news.

For those wondering about Diablo 3, Blizzard doesn’t go to E3 anymore ever since they started their own convention, Blizzcon. Blizzard has said the Diablo 3 beta will start in the next few months, so we will probably have a lot of news soon.


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