Mina the Vanquisher Sniper #2

In this update, Mina gained 7 more levels to get to level 22. She also picked up an incredible 8 unique and set items, many more than the first 15 levels. Hopefully, her luck continues in the high levels. Through the course of these levels, Mina progressed through the Estherian Ruins and Tu’Tara Caverns in the main dungeon capping it off with the death of Ember Colossus.

Character Sheet


9 Ricochet
10 Ranged Weapon Expertise
10 Armor Expertise
2 Frost Pilum
2 Explosive Shot


Court Sash

This item would be good for Mina, but only with the full set. Her existing belt is otherwise better.

Assassin Gloves

These were a very nice upgrade over Mina's existing gloves. Huge bonuses all around for a Vanquisher.

Valcone's Dust Guard

This looks pretty good for Destroyers, especially an offensive oriented one.

Berserker Cord

Another Destroyer item, this one more defensive in nature.

Volbard's Prison

This is an extremely good drop for such a low level. The damage is huge, but wands magic damage only gets bonuses from Magic, not high Dexterity that Mina has.

Zoromun's Ideal

Another set item for Destroyers, it's becoming a trend. With a good mix of offensive and defensive stats, it looks good for any Destroyer.

Shadow Sash

Mina is using this belt, with nice bonuses to her critical damage and pet plus a few good defensive boosts.

Shadow Mask

These last two items are pretty low level, but so far they have the best stats for Vanquisher. Good increases to critical strikes and the dexterity bonus make this item hard to replace.


The main goal for this part was to finish up Ricochet, Ranged Weapon Expertise, and Armor Expertise. However, the Ricochet level requirements prevented Mina from maxing it out. I put the extra points in Ranged Weapon Expertise and Armor Expertise to finish them up quicker. They are some of the more important skills as they lower the requirements of every item you use, not to mention the +40% damage and +40% armor increases.

Once those two passives were finished up, I started putting points in the other core skills. The first rank of Explosive Shot had unlocked at level 15, but I waited until the two passives were finished first. Explosive Shot is an excellent area skill. It hits everything in a small radius around the target with pretty good damage.

From this point on, I pretty much use Explosive Shot when out in the open with enemies all around and Ricochet on enemies in choke points (bridges, doorways). I use Frost Pilum here and there to freeze enemies. I thought the freeze effect meant the enemies are actually frozen, but seems like it’s more of a chill effect. The monsters move slower. Not as good as I thought, but it’s still usable. I will just have to hit and run more often.

Out of the 8 unique and set items Mina found, 3 of them were good upgrades over her current gear. Her damage is so good right now, she can basically two shot any normal monster with Ricochet and Frost Pilum. Explosive Shot kills everything in about three shots. The 4 to 1 distribution of Dexterity and Defense is doing well, so long as these drop rates keep up, that is.

With all unique items Mina picked up, I didn’t have any trouble staying alive. These are still the early levels, so it should be pretty easy. I only worry a little about the Black Palace because Dark Zealots can probably easily kill Mina with one poison spell. I won’t see Dark Zealots for a little while longer, though.

That’s it for this week. I will be back next week with another character update. If things continue at the same rate, Mina will probably be done with the story dungeon in two more updates and ready to move on to the Shadow Vault.


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