Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #15

Finally, Tharcyn has reached level 100! Even though it’s only been a month, that’s a long time to spend with one character. According to the ingame log, Tharcyn has about 55 hours of play time. Pretty good for my first character, and also not bad for a game I only paid $15 for.

Character Sheet


1 Slash
10 Armor Expertise
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
7 Shadow Armor
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
10 Critical Strikes
10 Treasure Hunter
10 Pet Mastery
10 Seismic Burst
10 Barter
6 Advanced Spellcasting

Notable Events

  • Entered Orden Mines, Shadow Vault (Floor 50), Monster level 88
  • Gained character level 91 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Barter [7/10]) from Dark Zealot champion
  • Entered Tomb of the Awakened, Shadow Vault (Floor 51), Monster level 89
  • Gained character level 92 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Barter [8/10]) from random monsters
  • Entered Orden Mines, Shadow Vault (Floor 52), Monster level 90
  • Killed by mass elemental wisps, Frost Shield off and forgot about Elemental Protection spells
  • Entered Tomb of the Awakened, Shadow Vault (Floor 53), Monster level 91
  • Gained character level 93 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Barter [9/10]) from Pale Shambler champion
  • Entered Molten Prison, Shadow Vault (Floor 54), Monster level 92
  • Gained character level 94 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Barter [10/10]) from Goblin Archer champion
  • Entered Black Palace (Phase Portal), Monster level 94
  • Gained character level 95 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [1/10]) from Goblin Chanter champion
  • Entered Tomb of the Awakened, Shadow Vault (Floor 55), Monster level 94
  • Gained character level 96 (+5 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [2/10]) from Spectre champion
  • Entered Molten Prison, Shadow Vault (Floor 56), Monster level 95
  • Gained character level 97 (+5 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [3/10]) from Goblin Chanter champion
  • Entered Black Palace, Shadow Vault (Floor 57), Monster level 96
  • Gained character level 98 (+5 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [4/10]) from Dragonkin champion
  • Entered Lost Fortress, Shadow Vault (Floor 58), Monster level 97
  • Gained character level 99 (+5 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [5/10]) from Watcher Geist champion
  • Gained character level 100 (+5 Defense, +1 Advanced Spellcasting [6/10]) from Watcher Geist champion


Epic Qauestor's Favor

If this didn't have a high Str requirement, it would be an excellent magic find Alchemist item. As is, it might work with a Destroyer that focuses more on spells.

Epic Justice Enshrined

This is the second piece I have found from this set. I think it's the final Vanquisher set based on the stat requirements.

Epic Occulon's Vision

I can only see this as a melee Alchemist item. Magic requirement is really too high for it to be used by any other class. Maybe the Alchemist has some viable melee builds, although I haven't looked into it.

Epic Vulture Chest

With the high resists and armor, this became Tharcyn's new chest piece. I enchanted it up a few times for good measure (not shown here), and it became much better than his previous chest armor.

Epic Lon's Vital Organ

Almost immediately after the last drop, Tharcyn found this chest armor. Based on the modifiers, I'd say this would be much better for a dual-wield Destroyer. Still, the mod "health stolen on hit" doesn't work with skills.

Epic Anachronistic Device

I think this is the only item I've found that has had a penalty when equipped. However, I can see how this might be warranted considering the buffs on this item. Wands can be dual-wielded, so this could potentially be +30% elemental damage. I don't have enough experience with Alchemist to say whether the missile range penalty also effects spells.

Epic Diamondo's Moon

This is a good shield all around, but I felt Tharcyn's was better overall. It's definitely better than what Tharcyn had at level 41 though.


Aside from Tharcyn getting to level 100, not much else happened. I guess to contrast this positive, the amulet I was working on to get to 10 enchantments was disenchanted from the first enchantment shrine Tharcyn came across. It only had a 8% chance of disenchantment too.

Luckily, I had been saving up other rings and amulets to use in case this happened. I successfully enchanted another ring in town to 5 enchantments. Tharcyn found two enchantment shrines while leveling. Both of them were successful enchantments, so the ring got to 7 enchantments.

Since I’m pretty much done with Tharcyn, I don’t know if I will get that item up to 10 successful enchantments. I’m thinking of putting it in the shared stash. That way if another character finds an enchantment shrine, they can just get the ring in town and enchant it for Tharcyn.

Now for Tharcyn himself, I decided not to retire him since he is my first level 100. I might need him to farm gold or gamble items with. For now he can take a rest while I focus on other characters.

I’m going to  take a break from Torchlight and the blog for a bit. Next week I will decide which class to play and come up with a build for it. That will probably be the only thing posted that week. The week after I will get to regular leveling of that character, but I’m not sure about character updates.

I skimmed through all of Tharcyn’s character updates, and I feel like most of them didn’t really contain anything of huge importance. I might start doing character updates only when I get an amazing item, make a big build decision, or get to a certain point into the game. The format will also be changed to whatever I want based on the purpose of that update.


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