Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #14

Tharcyn is on the home stretch. He gained 10 more levels to get to level 90. I also attempted to get 10 successful enchantments on one item for the achievement but no luck so far. I’m pretty happy that even at these higher levels, Tharcyn is still a pretty good tank. He did not die at all from 80 to 90.

Character Sheet


1 Slash
10 Armor Expertise
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
7 Shadow Armor
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
10 Critical Strikes
10 Treasure Hunter
10 Pet Mastery
10 Seismic Burst
6 Barter

Notable Events

  • Entered Lost Fortress, Shadow Vault (Floor 43), Monster level 80
  • Gained character level 81 (+5 Strength, +1 Seismic Burst [7/10]) from Pale Shambler champion
  • Gained character level 82 (+5 Strength, +1 Seismic Burst [8/10]) from Watcher Geist champion
  • Entered Black Palace, Shadow Vault (Floor 44), Monster level 81
  • Gained character level 83 (+5 Strength, +1 Seismic Burst [9/10]) from Tunnel Spider champion
  • Gained character level 84 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Seismic Burst [10/10]) from Specter champion
  • Entered Lost Fortress, Shadow Vault (Floor 45), Monster level 83
  • Gained character level 85 (+5 Strength, +1 Barter [1/10]) from Watcher Geist champion
  • Entered Estherian Ruins, Shadow Vault (Floor 46), Monster level 84
  • Gained character level 86 (+5 Strength, +1 Barter [2/10]) from Tunnel Spider champion
  • Entered Tu’Tara Caverns, Shadow Vault (Floor 47), Monster level 85
  • Entered Secret Mines(Phase Portal), Monster Level 86
  • Gained character level 87 (+5 Strength, +1 Barter [3/10]) from Tunnel Spider champion
  • Gained character level 88 (+5 Strength, +1 Barter [4/10]) from Goblin Stomper champion
  • Entered Estherian Ruins, Shadow Vault (Floor 48), Monster level 86
  • Gained character level 89 (+5 Strength, +1 Barter [5/10]) from Tunnel Spider champion
  • Entered Tu’Tara Caverns, Shadow Vault (Floor 49), Monster level 87
  • Gained character level 90 (+3 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Barter [6/10]) from Pygmy Lord champion


Epic Assassin Sabotons

This would be a weak Vanquisher item, but the knockback is great for keeping enemies away. It brings back memories of Windforce Amazons in Diablo 2.

Epic Assassin Chest

Another good item for a ranged Vanquisher.

Epic Galactic Battlestar

The base DPS is pretty good but the modifiers are pretty weak. I actually found two of these in one dungeon. I attempted to enchant them to be better than my sword, but I was not able to get it higher than 1000 DPS.

Three Jolt Conjured Necklace

This is my best attempt at 10 enchants on one item. I stopped at this point with I think 18% chance of failure if I enchant anymore. I will try it at enchantment shrines which only have half the failure chance.

Epic Hand of Fate

This is a good all around Alchemist weapon. It doesn't favor spells or minions more than the other, so I think it could work with any build.


Seismic Burst was finished up. The damage is respectable, but not nearly as much as Doomquake. I think it’s because Doomquake can hit the same target multiple times. It’s luck based whether the earthquake faults will go in the same spot for multiple hits, but it does happen quite a bit when you are spamming. Seismic Burst only hits once and also seems to have a little bit weaker damage, because it’s not based on weapon damage at all. It’s still a useful skill against Dragonkin and Ember Mycon monsters that do huge melee damage and no ranged damage, but the skill definitely has limited uses.

If you remember the skill plan I wrote about in an earlier character update, you will remember the remaining skills I want are Barter and Advanced Spellcasting. Between the two, I’d rather have Barter. Advanced Spellcasting will reduce how often I have to drink mana potions, but Tharcyn’s mana pool is regenerating fast enough he doesn’t need to use mana potions often anyways. Barter will help Tharcyn get better items faster buy allowing him to gamble and enchant more often.

Towards the end of these 10 levels, I also decided to switch Tharcyn’s attribute distribution from +5 Strength every level to the more balanced +3 Strength and +2 Defense. At level 80 Tharcyn had a huge boost to damage reduction (around +500) from a number of armor replacements and lucky enchanting. However, after level 87 Tharcyn became dangerously close to dying a few times. The extra Defense probably won’t change this much, but it should slow down the effect the monsters’ scaling is having. (monsters scale faster than your character over time.)

In the items section above, I showed the item I am attempting to get to 10 enchantments. I actually started with three rings and two amulets all with pretty good base stats and a high required level. The higher the required level, the better the possible stats can be when enchanted. All of them ended up disenchanted completely to rings and amulets with zero stats except the one amulet. I think an unenchanted item starts at 4% failure rate, and it goes up 2% per successful enchant. That means my amulet probably has 7 successful enchantments on it. Hopefully, enchantment shrines will get it up to 10 successful enchantments, but it might be a while before I find 3 enchantment shrines. This amulet replaced Tharcyn’s current amulet, but I’m keeping the old one just in case.

I’m getting excited to finally end Tharcyn’s chapter and start a new character. I’ve been thinking about whether I should retire Tharcyn or not. With retirement, you can take one item and boost all of its stats by I think 10% and pass it on to a future character. The thing is Tharcyn is my only high level character. I think I might want him around to farm items or gamble items with. I’m also not really satisfied with any of Tharcyn’s items. None of them are amazing enough to get their stats boosted. I’d rather save Tharcyn’s retirement for a really nice weapon. For instance, a unique required level 50 sword.

That’s all for today. I am really pushing to get Tharcyn to level 100, so I can move on. Nothing wrong with Tharcyn, but I’ve grown pretty bored of his skills and playstyle. It’s time for change.


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