Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #12

Tharcyn hit level 70. Only 30 levels to go until level 100. He also maxed out his fame level at 55. To cap it all off he got a new weapon with higher DPS. In other news, I’m changing the format of character updates to reduce my workload on them. It takes one to two hours to play the game and get screenshots. Then another hour or so to write the character update. Rather than summarize every detail of the game session, I’m going to make a bulleted list of important events. Then, I will write just a few paragraphs about what I’m thinking about at the moment.

Character Sheet


1 Slash
10 Armor Expertise
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
7 Shadow Armor
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
10 Critical Strikes
10 Treasure Hunter
6 Pet Mastery

Notable Events

  • Enter Tu’Tara Caverns (Shadow Vault, Floor 32), Monster Level 68
  • Fame level 54 from Goblin Shaman champion. Pet Mastery +1 (3/10)
  • Killed by Ember Myconid breath attack when Frost Shield wore off
  • Epic Transmuter Shoulders drop from Skeleton Warrior
  • Character level 69 from Pygmy Lord champion. Strength +3, Defense +2, Pet Mastery +1 (4/10)
  • Enter Tu’Tara Caverns (Shadow Vault, Floor 33), Monster Level 69
  • Fame level 55 from Construct champion. Pet Mastery +1 (5/10)
  • Character level 70 from Pygmy Lord champion. Strength +3, Defense +2, Pet Mastery +1 (6/10)
  • Epic Tuck of the Bear from gambling. Enchanted up to 1200 DPS with Star Pure-Ember and Star Flow-Ember in sockets.


Epic Transmuter Shoulders

This looks like a good item for a summoner Alchemist

Epic Tuck of the Bear

Tharcyn's new weapon!


Tharcyn went through two Shadow Vault floors and gained two levels pretty fast, but it was precarious. They were both the Tu’Tara Caverns theme, and a whole bunch of Tu’Tara spawned in them. They were in such large groups it was possible a string critical hits to knock Tharcyn’s health down pretty low or even kill him. Luckily, this only happened once. During a big battle, Tharcyn’s health got low. As I retreated, an Ember Myconid’s breath attack did enough damage to finish Tharcyn off.

In previous updates I have written about how I am looking for a good unique weapon to close out the remaining levels with Tharcyn. I still have not found a worthy unique weapon, but I did find a better magical weapon. Epic Tuck of the Bear is a strange name, but it will do the job nicely until hopefully Tharcyn gets a nice unique weapon. Not only did it have a 1000 DPS base, it also came with 2 sockets. This meant no enchantments were wasted adding sockets (gem bonuses are not all that powerful).

On the defensive side, Tharcyn still has some low resists. The problem is I don’t see any way of easily raising them aside from getting much better items. They probably won’t be moving up much at this point. I will just have to deal with Tharcyn being susceptible to instant kills from the more magical damage-based monsters.

I have to admit that I’m getting a little bored with this character. The dungeons and quests are all random with no real plot, the leveling is getting slower, and there isn’t much reward for getting to level 100 other than bragging rights and an achievement. That said, I still plan on leveling Tharcyn up to level 100, but probably not at the same rate as I was before. I think I will reduce my updates down to one or two per week.

There isn’t a whole lot to write about when only two levels are gained. If I can consolidate the updates into one post where 10 levels were gained, I think it will be a more interesting read. Each update will have a little more quality to it, and it will also save me time not having to write 5-6 updates per week.


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