Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #9

While he didn’t really get any good drops, Tharcyn gained a couple levels. I also decided on what Tharcyn’s final skills will be be. Tharcyn didn’t die at all either. Things are moving along. I still worry how far Tharcyn can get but feel a little better today.

Character Sheet


10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
10 Critical Strikes
1 Slash
3 Treasure Hunter
7 Shadow Armor

Molten Prison, Floor 26 (Shadow Vault, Lv62)

In the first offshoot from the main path, Tharcyn encountered a phase beast. This portal dungeon ended up being a little better than the previous one with three champions in it. It still wasn’t enough to level up Tharcyn though.

Tharcyn finally gained a level on a champion at the end of the floor from a troll champion. Tharcyn went up to character level 62 and fame level 48. All 5 attribute points went into Strength. Critical Strikes got its last point. Now I needed to decide the next skill to work on.

Since Tharcyn is getting closer to level 100, I planned out the remaining skills I would like him to have:

Active Skills

  • Seismic Burst – This sends a blast along the ground at all enemies in a straight line. Sometimes Tharcyn was facing mobs at a small doorway. Doomquake doesn’t do very good damage in that situation. I think Seismic Burst will finish up Tharcyn’s active skill set nicely.

Passive Skills

  • Pet Mastery – Combined with an elemental pet (I have a permanent fish transform), this will bring my pet’s damage up to the same level as Tharcyn’s.
  • Treasure Hunter – This will help with getting better items so Tharcyn can continue to level 100.
  • Barter – This will also help with getting better items giving Tharcyn more opportunities to gamble.
  • Advanced Spellcasting – Tharcyn won’t need as many mana potions. Extra potions can be sold for more gold, for more gambling.

I decided on Treasure Hunter to be the next skill. Tharcyn could really use some more unique items. The uniques he has are good, but their required levels are pretty low. If Tharcyn got a required level 40-50 unique, he would probably be set in that item slot for the rest of his levels.

Black Palace, Floor 27 (Shadow Vault, Lv63)

This level had a good amount of Dark Zealots, but no Dragonkin to mess things up. A Dark Zealot about halfway through gained Tharcyn his 63rd character level and 49th fame level. I again put all 5 attribute points in Strength. Tharcyn’s damage feels pretty good right now, so I am going back to the more balanced 3 points in Strength and 2 in Defense strategy. For the skill points, I put both into Treasure Hunter to bring it up to 3/10.

Later on this floor Tharcyn almost died from a group of four Dark Zealots, but that was it. Tharcyn didn’t die at all today. I am very happy about that. This is even further reason why I want to go back to the balanced attribute strategy. I feel like Tharcyn can survive anything for the most part. He only dies from lucky criticals when Frost Aura is off.

Bloody Epic Ceremonial Axe In this gaming session, Tharcyn gained 50,000 gold. Back in town, I decided to gamble with the gold to see if I get lucky with a unique axe. I didn’t get any uniques, but I did find a pretty good rare quality axe. After enchanting it up a few times, it turned out to be better than my current axe. I also put one of my chaos gems in it to increase attack speed by 4%. I’m going to keep my old axe for now as a backup weapon. I don’t want any chance that Tharcyn is stuck without a weapon.

That’s all the time I have today. I’m still not sure if Tharcyn can make it all the way to 100, but definitely if he gets some good uniques. Tharcyn didn’t get any unique drops today. I hope for better luck tomorrow.


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