Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #8

Tharcyn recovered pretty well from yesterday’s disastrous enchanting failures. Tharcyn continued to improve gaining three levels and successfully enchanting a few of his items. However, I worry how far he can continue with replacement items becoming much harder to find.

Character Sheet

Skills [build]

10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
1 Slash
7 Shadow Armor
9 Critical Strikes

Epic Forge Slammer of ThunderstormsI left off yesterday about how my axe was disenchanted. This was a particularly low thing to end the day on. Luckily, the blacksmith in town had a weapon with around 800 DPS. That was a pretty good base that I could enchant up a few times. After enchanting, the DPS was almost as high as Tharcyn’s previous weapon. I don’t know if I like these mods as much, but extra critical chance isn’t bad. The enchanting also gave me a socket. I forgot to say yesterday that I got a lucky drop from a champion, a Star Pure-Ember (+33 Physical Damage). This weapon will have to do for now. I don’t know if I can get a better one from the blacksmith. I will have to rely on gambling and lucky drops.

Palace Rim (Random Map Dungeon, Lv58)

As soon as I entered this dungeon, I knew it was going to be a hard one. The two main enemies were Dragonkin and Dark Zealots, the deadly combo. I will explain again for anyone who hasn’t read the previous character updates. These two monsters complement each other very well. Dragonkin do heavy damage in melee and Dark Zealots do heavy damage at range. That means there is no real weakness when you come across this group. It is guaranteed to be a close battle if you face them both at once.

What I try to do is split up the group by luring a few monsters away from the main group. I do this slowly until they are all dead. The problem is that it’s not always easy to do this. Sometimes they will all be in a small room, and you can’t get the monsters to follow you very well. Other times you don’t really have anywhere to run to and are forced to fight the full group at once.

In the very first room, Tharcyn was confronted by both a Dragonkin champion and a Dark Zealot champion. I was pretty sure I would die here. The Dark Zealot did the most damage, but it was really hard to attack her while the Dragonkin champion was there beating on Tharcyn.

I was eventually able to push my way further into the dungeon to clear some space to fight, luring the Dragonkin champion away from the Dark Zealot. All alone, he was easy to kill. I then went back to the first area and killed the Dark Zealot champion. This was a great feat for Tharcyn. He usually dies in a situation like this. Tharcyn gained a character level and a fame level as well.

In thinking about Strength vs Defense, I feel like it’s starting to take a long time to kill things. It’s just annoying to spend an hour in one floor sometimes, so I’m focusing on Strength and damage right now. All 5 attribute points went into Strength. For the skill points, I continued putting them in Critical Strikes with 3 points total now.

Even though I played very carefully in this dungeon Tharcyn did end up dying from a Dark Zealot’s poison bolts. That was his only death though, which I am proud of. In previous dungeons with these harder monster groups, Tharcyn died 4-5 times before finishing it. One death is improvement.

By the time this dungeon was complete, Tharcyn gained another fame level from a  Specter champion and another character level from a large group of Blood Disciples. Just as before, I put all 5 attribute points in Strength and both skill points in Critical Strikes. I do feel like my damage is getting better, but I’m not completely satisfied yet.

Yesterday I gained a few rare armor items. I figured I would enchant these items to help with defenses a little bit. Two of them got disenchanted, but I eventually worked all of them up to be better than they were before. They all had 2 empty sockets as well. I focused on magic resist gems for the most part with a few damage gems when I ran out of good resist gems. Tharcyn gained about 200 melee damage and 200 damage reduction, so it seemed like a good move. Tharcyn is down to 100,000 gold though, so I will have to save a little bit before spending again (mainly on gambling).

Black Palace, Floor 22 (Shadow Vault, Lv61)

Despite having the same theme as the random dungeon, the monsters Tharcyn got on this floor were much easier. I won’t even mention them they were that easy to kill. The biggest threat were Dragonkin champions, but they are easy without Dark Zealot support.

Epic Absorbtion WebbingTharcyn started by killing a Pygmy Lord champion for character level 60 and fame level 46. I put all 5 attribute points in Strength. Critical Strikes went up to 7.

A Thorned Hulk champion dropped Tharcyn’s only unique drop in this session. The resists are really nice, but Tharcyn just doesn’t have enough points in the Magic stat to use it. It would take quite a few levels for him to get high enough stats to use it. It seems like a good weapon for a melee Alchemist, if that is possible.

This dungeon also had a Phase Beast that took Tharcyn to the crypt theme dungeon, but there wasn’t much of interest here. It contained only one champion and a little gold.

After leaving the phase dungeon, Tharcyn fought one last champion. Once this Dragonkin champion was felled, Tharcyn gained both a character level (61) and a fame level (47). Again, 5 points went into Strength and 2 points went into Critical Strikes.

This was a very long dungeon, but the enemies were pretty easy. This just shows how much the monster types in the dungeon determine the difficulty. A short dungeon can cause many deaths if the enemies are in harder combinations. At the same time a long dungeon can be easy if you get the easy enemy groups.

That’s all for today. I’m feeling pretty good about Tharcyn now, but a little worried now that I might not be able to get all the way to level 100. With my current gear, I feel like I can get to at least level 70. I hope in that time I will get some better drops to keep the leveling going. Until next time.


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