Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #7

This ended up being a bad session. Tharcyn died twice and lost his nice axe after I got greedy with enchanting. I stopped playing right then in disgust. Still, Tharcyn gained a couple levels. It wasn’t all bad, but I hope I can get a replacement weapon.

Character Sheet


10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
10 Doomquake
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Adventurer
1 Slash
1 Critical Strikes
7 Shadow Armor

Tomb of the Awakened, Floor 21 (Shadow Vault, Lv56)

This was a short and easy level. About halfway through Tharcyn fought a triple champion group including 2 Pale Shamblers, and 1 Specter. This was enough for fame level 42, and Adventurer went up to 8.

This floor didn’t give quite enough experience for a character level. However, Tharcyn did gain a level after turning in his three quests. I continued putting attribute points into Defense to even them up. Adventurer got one more skill point. It’s starting to feel slower to kill things, so I’m definitely going to focus on Strength soon.

Orden Mines, Floor 22 (Shadow Vault, Lv57)

Tharcyn was killed on this floor pretty early by a large mass of elemental wisp monsters. They are basically little spheres of pure elemental energy. Not only do they deal high elemental damage, they also can teleport away and can slow down Tharcyn’s movement. Normally, Tharcyn is fine but this time I was careless and went charging into a big group.

After respawning and finishing off all the nearby monsters, Tharcyn did find Summon Archers VI. This isn’t very useful for Tharcyn, but maybe for an Alchemist summoner build. One scroll I’d like to try is Dervish VI, which increases attack speed. That could really increase Tharcyn’s damage and might be better than my second Elemental Protection spell.

Back in town I did a bit of gambling and found two rare quality upgrades. These items weren’t all that good (not being unique) but were a little better than Tharcyn had before. Tharcyn’s gold was getting pretty high, so I decided to do a little gambling each time back in town. These boosted Tharcyn’s defense enough that I’m going to work on Strength for now with each level up.

Tomb of the Awakened, Floor 23 (Shadow Vault, Lv58)

On this floor Tharcyn came across a double Pale Shambler champion group. He gained both a character level and a fame level. I put all 5 attribute points in Strength and 1 point in Adventurer to max it. Tharcyn also had a skill point from the new fame level. I decided to go with Critical Strikes for the next skill. I want to be killing monsters just a little bit faster. Some of the dungeons are taking an hour to get through. I’d like to reduce that down. That was it for this level.

Molten Prison, Floor 24 (Shadow Vault, Lv59)

I had almost finished this floor when Tharcyn was killed. I encountered a Spider champion and a Troll champion. By themselves they would have been weak, but just like many of Tharcyn’s previous deaths, fighting multiple champions at once is the deadly part. This one was a luck-based death. Tharcyn’s Frost Aura wore off, and he had 2000 health left. The Troll got a lucky crit for 2500 while Frost Aura was off for the kill.

Even though this floor was pretty long, Tharcyn still Epic Tialoc's Butressdidn’t gain any levels. Back in town, I continued to gamble and got lucky with two unique items. The belt looks pretty nice for Tharcyn. The only problem is that it doesn’t have any magic resists on it. The mace would have been nice a few levels ago, but maybe for another Destroyer. Because it gives Dexterity, I could even see it being used for a melee Vanquisher.

Feeling pretty lucky, I decided to try enchanting Tharcyn’s axe a few times. This ended up being a bad idea. One of the risks with the enchantment system is that the item loses all of it’s modifiers. While there Epic The Toad King's Gallwas only a 12% chance of that happening (from the ingame screen), it did happen and the axe was now just a normal item. It went from 1000 DPS down to 600 DPS.

I don’t have a replacement for that axe, and the killing was already slow with 1000 DPS. I think my only options are to gamble a better one, or buy another good blue item from the blacksmith and enchant it up. Tharcyn still has around 200,000 gold to use, so I should be fine.

That will have to wait until tomorrow though. Overall, I am not happy with this session. I died twice, didn’t get any meaningful upgrades, and to cap it all off, lost my primary weapon. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better things.


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