Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #4

Tharcyn only died once this time. My gear didn’t change much, but I am getting better at the game. I’ve gotten a lot better at using the Tab key to switch “right-click” skills while at the same time using the skill bar hotkeys. I didn’t get any nice drops in this character update, but four levels is never a bad thing.

Character Sheet


10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
10 Doomquake
1 Slash
7 Defensive Spell Mastery
7 Shadow Armor

Shadow Vault, Floor 13

This floor switched things up with the Dwarven Fortress theme. The monsters were level 47, close enough to Tharcyn’s 46 to continue on. This floor ended up being very short. I didn’t find any good drops, but at least Tharcyn gained a level.

I put all 5 points in Defense as I follow my plan established in the previous character update to get Defense and Damage about equal. I also continued my skill points plan by putting the skill point in Defensive Spell Mastery.

Shadow Vault, Floor 14

A new theme appeared on this floor: Estherian Ruins. I had not seen this theme since the main dungeon. It just hadn’t appeared in the Shadow Vault. After killing a zombie champion, Tharcyn gained a fame level. Defensive Spell Mastery went up to 3/10.

A short while later from killing regular monsters, Tharcyn gained a regular level putting him at 48. I again put all 5 attribute points in Defense and the skill point in Defensive Spell Mastery. After you spend some time with Torchlight, you’ll notice that most of your leveling up comes from champions. Regular monsters only give 100-200 xp, but champions give many thousands (at Tharcyn’s level). So whether Tharcyn gains a level or not is largely based on how many champions there are in that floor. However, you will occasionally gain a level from killing regular monsters, just the odds are against you.

Everything was going great until I came across two Dark Zealots. I was feeling pretty good at the time, but the Dark Zealots were ready to change that. I did a pretty good job early on of avoiding their poison bolts, but eventually I stopped to use Doomquake to get rid of all the little monsters around. It was at this moment that Tharcyn’s Frost Aura wore off. Before I could recast it, Tharcyn was hit with 10 poison bolts, 5 per Dark Zealot. His life was gone instantly, and he joined the afterlife (temporarily).

The rest of this floor was uneventful. Just more slicing and dicing and more experience for Tharcyn. Like the last floor, there were no good drops.

Shadow Vault, Floor 15

This floor went back to the Dwarven Fortress theme. Whereas the mobs on the forteenth floor were level 48, the mobs on this floor were level 50. Tharcyn was behind in levels, but I still was feeling pretty strong. I decided to continue on.

Shortly into the dungeon, Tharcyn gained a regular level and a fame level after killing two Varkolyn Mages that had spawned in the same area. Just as before all 5 attribute points went into Defense, with both skill points going into Defensive Spell Mastery.

This floor ended up being pretty huge. Most of the monsters that spawned were zombies, which have some of the highest hit points. They aren’t dangerous. They just take a long time to kill. This level also had more dead ends than some other levels I’ve seen.

After finally getting through the whole floor, I still didn’t find any unique items. Three dungeons without a unique. I hope that is not a pattern of the future. I can always use some gold to gamble, but I can’t get all my upgrades from that.

One good thing happened when I came back to down for the night. I expected to finish at level 49, but one of the quests gave just enough experience to push Tharcyn over to level 50. Defense is still not as high as damage, so another 5 points went there. Defensive Spell Mastery also went up to 7/10. Another thing I found in town from the magic goods vendor was a Haste VI scroll. I don’t need this on Tharcyn, but it might be useful to another character later.

Check back tomorrow for the next character update. I think Tharcyn is strong enough to continue into the next floor, so it looks like it will be another session of good progress. Hopefully, the loot gods give me some good drops as well.


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