Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #3

Tharcyn again died twice, but this time they were my own mistakes and probably due to my overconfidence in Tharcyn’s new axe. The weapon did very well overall. In this character update, Tharcyn gained almost 4 levels but good item drops seemed to be more rare.

Character Sheet

Skills [build]

10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
10 Doomquake
1 Slash
1 Defensive Spell Mastery
7 Shadow Armor

Shadow Vault, Floor 9

I entered this floor cautiously to check what level the monsters were. They were only level 43, so Tharcyn was good to continue. This floor had the Molten Prison theme. The new axe was amazing. Most of the mobs went down fast. Tharcyn didn’t even need to use skills in many areas.

It also helped that no Dark Zealots spawned on this floor. The level went pretty fast. After killing a goblin champion, Tharcyn’s leveled up to 31. For the skill point, I went with Doomquake again. Its damage is getting really high. I only worry that the mana cost might get too high without Mana Steal items. The champion also dropped a unique chest armor:

Epic Assassin Torso

This looks like another good Vanquisher item. I think that will be the class for the next character walkthrough, but that is a long ways off right now. About half way through the dungeon, I came across a Phase Beast. The portal took me to a new dungeon with the Mines theme.

Phase Portal, Secret Mines

Phase Beasts are rare monsters that when killed open up a portal to a new dungeon. The dungeons opened up by phase beasts are always very small but usually have a few champions and good loot. And I do mean good loot:

Epic Magister's Delerium

This is an excellent two hander. It will be fun to try this on my next Destroyer, but I think the Vanquisher will come first just because it’s a different class. I like to keep variety in my games.

Shadow Vault, Floor 9 (continued)

Back in floor 9, Tharcyn continued on and actually was killed by two spider champions. They both spawned on top of a small tower. One is managable but too can be hard. Their melee attacks do pretty good damage and they also attack quickly. This was really a stupid mistake. I should have fought one of them at a choke point, so the other one couldn’t attack as well. This is easily possible in the Molten Prisen with all the thin bridges.

On the second try I did this, and it was easy. Tharcyn even leveled up from the whole thing. Since Tharcyn was doing such good damage with the axe, I put all 5 points in defense. I think I will try to keep Tharcyn’s damage and defense about even. Right now his defense is much lower than his damage, so it will be all defense for awhile. Well, until monsters start taking a long time to kill. I put the skill point into Doomquake as before.

Shadow Vault, Floor 10

This floor had the Black Palace theme, but luckily didn’t have many Dark Zealots in it. It was pretty easy for the most part. Tharcyn didn’t find any good items, but at least gained a regular level and a fame level. I continued to put all 5 attribute points in defense. Doomquake got the two skill points.  It now had 8 skill points in it.

Shadow Vault, Floor 11

This floor it went back to the Molten Prison theme. Just like the other Molten Prison floor, there was a small tower with two champions. Tharcyn ended up dying for the second time today. These champions were harder, Varkolyn Mages, because I couldn’t separate them very easily. While in town, I took a break to sell off items. I had about 250,000 gold, so why not try some gambling? My gloves were unique, but pretty low level. It would be nice to get a replacement. I did get some unique gloves, but not ones I needed:

Epic Extrusive Fists

They will be very good for an Alchemist by the looks of it. I haven’t found much Alchemist gear with Tharcyn, so I probably won’t be starting one for some time. The game isn’t that hard where I need uniques from the start, but they are fun to have.

The second time Tharcyn faced the champions, one of them kind of got stuck against wall because of not so perfect pathing. I was able to fight them one at a time, easy pickings. For his efforts, Tharcyn gained another fame level. I put the skill point in Doomquake again.

Shadow Vault, Floor 12

It was the Black Palace theme again. It seems I am just alternating back and forth today with these themes. Tharcyn sort of got his revenge in this level. Two champions spawned in the same area just like before. Somehow I managed to survive. It was very close.

Tharcyn ended up gaining another level to 46. All 5 attribute points went into Defense, and the skill point went into Doomquake. It was now maxed and doing really good damage to big groups. These last few floors have had a lot of areas with huge groups plus casters behind that can raise them from the dead. Doomquake has been doing miracles in this situation.

The only slight problem is the mana cost. I find Tharcyn has to use mana potions in big fights more often. The new axe also doesn’t have the Mana Steal that the old weapon has, so potions are really the only way to go. So far the mana potions have been dropping pretty regularly though, so I haven’t had to buy any extras in town.

Tharcyn also got fame level 34 on this floor. Now that Doomquake was maxed, it was time to decide on the next skill to work on. In the last character update, I talked about how I got lucky with scrolls from one of the vendors in town. Well those are Defensive spells, so I decided to focus on Defensive Spell Mastery. When maxed, it will basically double the effectiveness of Tharcyn’s Elemental Protection spells, increasingly critical as he goes on to lower floors.

That’s all I have for today. I checked the next shadow vault floor quickly to see if Tharcyn is ready to go there. The monsters are level 47, and Tharcyn is only 46. However, Tharcyn is pretty close to 47, probably just one or two champion kills away. In addition, the new weapon is doing well enough I’m okay with being a level behind. I will be going straight into floor 47. I might have to do some random map dungeons after though.


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