Tharcyn the Destroyer Tank #2

Things got off to a rocky start in the first random map dungeon with Tharcyn dying twice. He quickly recovered and was destroying evil again in no time. In addition, he gained 4 levels and an awesome new axe!

Character Sheet


10 Armor Expertise
10 Entropic Aura
10 Soul Rend
10 Martial Weapons Expertise
10 Frost Shield
10 Block and Parry
1 Slash
4 Doomquake
7 Shadow Armor

Random Map Dungeon (Level 39)

All my items are rare or epic except the amulet. It has some resists and +strength but not very high. I’ve been checking the vendor since around level 25 for a better amulet, but luck has not been in my favor. Triya did have three useful defensive spells I have been looking for: Elemental Protection V, Elemental Protection VI, and Draining Touch VI.

Elemental Protection V and VI can be stacked at the same time for double resists. The only downisde is I have to use two spell slots for them. You only get four total, as well as your pet with 2 total. Draining Touch VI steals health from monsters, really nice against champions and perfect for a tank character that just needs a little healing here and there. I’m still looking for a Heal All V to complement my pet’s Heal All VI. I’m not sure if lower level spells can drop anymore, so I might not get one this game.

With these new spells I had to move my hotkeys around. This caused all kinds of confusion in the first random map dungeon. Part of it was me being rusty at the game. I had not played for about 5 days. I fumbled with the hotkeys for almost the entire first dungeon. I also go unlucky with the monsters in the dungeon. It was a heavy Dark Zealot with Dragonkin dungeon, one of the worst for a tank character.

The Dark Zealots do the real damage with their homing poison attack, while the Dragonkin prevent Tharcyn from getting close. Dragonkin are very slow, but do heavy damage up close. Dark Zealots can also summon Enslaved skeletons that do pretty good elemental damage. Dragonkin are easy to deal with. It just takes time, but with Dark Zealots spamming spells you don’t have time.

What actually killed me was a Spider Champion, though. The spider’s health was getting low. I knew Tharcyn’s buffs were wearing out, but I ignored them. The spider would be dead before that happened. I was wrong. The buffs fell off Tharcyn, the spider got a lucky critical, and Tharcyn was dead. I think I could have survived if I used a potion, but I couldn’t get myself to stop hoarding them.

I finished off the Spider Champion, and Tharcyn’s fame leveled up to 28. At least I got something out of that death. I put the skill point in Soul Rend, now that Shadow Armor is good enough at 7 for max block chance.

After this I made liberal use of my potions. My supply started to go down slowly, but not too bad. The potions I am using can only be found from monsters. The potions in town aren’t as good. I had no trouble finishing off a Dragonkin champion which leveled Tharcyn to 40. I put all 3 attribute points into Strength and 2 into Defense. This is my typical distribution for Tharcyn. I put my skill point into Soul Rend, now at level 8.

Tharcyn’s second death occurred almost instantly. Four Dark Zealots and a series of lucky critical hits finished him off while I was trying to deal with their Enslaved skeleton summons and Dragonkin blocking the way. I should have lured some monsters out of the room, but I was too overconfident. I don’t like dying from bad luck, but I really could have avoided this if I played more cautiously.

I finally got to the second floor of the dungeon. Here, a new enemy threatened Tharcyn’s life. There are these elemental wisps, that do high elemental damage. The hard ones are cold-themed. They have this draining attack that also slows you down a lot. It’s a really annoying ability to deal with. I almost died here, but a potion barely saved me.

The rest of the second floor was easy. I got this nice drop from one of the champions:

Epic Hawk Chest

The armor value was way, way higher than my current chest piece. The only thing was that my previous armor has better resists except for Fire. I decided to keep the old chest armor in my bank just in case I want the higher overall resists, but this will probably be my new armor for a while.

Random Map Dungeon (level 40)

Just before this second dungeon, I checked Triya again to see if she had any good scrolls. She had a rare Identify spell. Normally, you have to use identify scrolls see the stats on items, but with this spell your character can always cast it for just a little mana. I already have it on Tharcyn, but this one will be good for my next character.

The second dungeon was relatively uneventful. This is a good thing though, because there were no deaths. After killing a bunch of champions and going through both floors, Tharcyn gained both a regular level and a fame level. I put the 5 points in Defense to further boost Tharcyn’s survivability. Both skill points went into Soul Rend, now maxed at 10.

There was also an okay ring that dropped:

Buttressing Epic Gold Ring

I couldn’t use it yet but my pet could. I like Tharcyn’s current rings better though. They have resists on them, which Tharcyn really needs right now.

Shadow Vault, Floor 6

Tharcyn was level 41. The monsters in floor 6 were level 41. It was time to go back into the Shadow Vault. It had a crypt theme to it, with lots of undead. There were a few Dark Zealots, but not in the dangerous numbers of that first random map dungeon.

I got another lucky drop from one of the champions:

Epic Warden's Law

Tharcyn doesn’t use ranged weapons and doesn’t even meet the requirements for this item. That’s okay though. It will be a good item for a Vanquisher in the future.

Tharcyn gained a regular level and a fame level on this floor. I put 5 attribute points in Strength, because Tharcyn seemed to be doing okay. That new armor seemed to be working out well. Dark Zealots are probably still a danger, but I want to make sure that killing stuff doesn’t get too slow. I put the skill point in Doomquake. It will be my new focus. Tharcyn could use some better area attacks. I also got a fame level on this floor, and put the skill point into Doomquake.

I made a mistake on this floor with the quests. In the Shadow Vault you get a new quest for every floor, but I forgot to turn in my quests before entering this floor. This basically caused the NPCs to skip the quests for floor 7. That’s kind of annoying, but the rewards aren’t required.

Shadow Vault, Floor 7

This floor had the Goblin forge theme with lots of fire and lava. I didn’t gain any levels or fame, but at least the monsters were easy to kill. One of the champions also dropped another unique bow:

Reaver's Touch

Another weapon for the Vanquisher. It seems to be a little bit better than the other unique bow I got, but I don’t have to worry about that now. It goes into the shared stash.

Shadow Vault, Floor 8

This floor went back to the crypt theme with zombies and skeletons. I don’t think there were any Dark Zealots, so it was easy. The only annoyance were these Varkolyn Mages. They have this slowing attack that makes it hard to get close. One or two of them are easy to kill, but in big groups they can be tough. With my Doomquake getting better though, I was able to quickly deal with anything in my way to get close the mages.

I ended up gaining another level here, but not a fame level. I decided to go back to the more equal distribution of 3 points in Strength and 2 in Defense. I put my skill point in Doomquake, so it’s now at 4. It’s starting to get pretty powerful now. I can’t wait until 10 points.

After going to down, I checked the blacksmith for a new weapon. I try to do this everytime I come back, but sometimes I forget. This time he had an axe with better DPS than my current mace. In Torchlight it doesn’t really matter what weapon types you use, just the DPS number and the item mods. The weapon had about 80 more DPS than my current weapon, but not very good mods.

Well I haven’t used the NPC enchanter much. People have said you can boost your items really easily and item drops from monsters become useless. Well I think it’s okay to use as long as I make sure not to overdo it. I avoided using the NPC until now, but this was the right time to use it. The axe only had 1 mod, and I wanted it to be 3 mods like my old weapon. Both enchants added extra damage. The new DPS went up to an incredible 902:

Epic Guardian Francisca of Lightning

This is a full 200 more DPS than it had before. Now I see why the enchanter is overpowered, but I will still use him from time to time, in times like this where I haven’t found a very good upgrade through normal playing.

That’s all the time I have for today. In the next character update, I will check the next floor to see what level the monsters are. If they are 43-45 I will continue on, but otherwise, I’ll do another random dungeon map to get caught up. I’m really excited to try out the new axe.


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